Gideon Reeves

Gideon Reeves

Played byJustin Kirk

NameGideon Reeves


OccupationSoftware engineer

AffiliationReeves Industries

AssociatesElliott James Sully

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Summary Edit

Gideon Reeves in the founder and main engineer of Reeves Industries.

Appearance Edit

Gideon Reeves is a Caucasian male with brown hair and grey/green eyes.

Plot Edit

In the beginning of the Episode, "Hard Reset" Gideon Reeves is first shown giving a presentation to Oil company executives. He tells them that Oil Well Fires is a Problem. That is puts the employees in harms way, and that is is extremely expensive. He then informs the executives, that they can do better, by introducing the Reeves TK-421. The Reeves product then displays itself to the executives, and afterward Gideon, gestures towards his CTO. The latter then precedes by telling them to have a safe journey home.

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